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Next Generation Sequencing

Beckman Coulter Genomics offers a comprehensive range of next generation sequencing services utilizing a combination of Illumina and Roche 454 next generation sequencing platforms, Beckman Coulter automation and a team of study managers and bioinformaticians to deliver reliable, high quality results.

Next Generation Sequencing Capabilities

next generation sequencing
Next Generation Sequencing Services
  • Whole Genome Sequencing - De novo genome sequencing, whole genome resequencing and targeted resequencing capabilities, available across the full range of major next generation sequencing platforms, for detecting SNPs, InDels and structural variations.
  • De novo Genome Sequencing - Sequencing of uncharacterized genomes, known genomes where significant structural variation is expected and genomes with high plasticity. Options available include sequence assembly and gap closure.
  • Exome Sequencing - A high throughput exome sequencing service utilizing Agilent SureSelect target enrichment and Illumina HiSeq 2000/25000 sequencing to support variant discovery, ideal for Mendelian diseases and cancer.
  • Targeted Resequencing - Targeted resequencing service for deep sequencing of genomic regions of interest across large numbers of samples ideal for population studies or disease related variant discovery.
  • De novo Transcriptome Sequencing - RNA sequencing service for transcriptomes without a reference sequence enabling the discovery of novel transcripts and the detection of alternate splicing.
  • RNA-Seq - RNA sequencing service for the deep sequencing of mRNA for expression and variant analysis supporting multiple applications including transcript identification, splice variant analysis and differential expression.
  • Small RNA Sequencing - RNA sequencing service for the analysis of expressed small RNA in a sample allowing for the detection of rare transcripts and transcript variants, the determination of expression levels of known miRNA and the discovery of novel miRNA.
  • Metagenomic Sequencing - Investigate microbial communities by sequencing the16S gene or sampled fragments of the whole genome or transcriptome.
  • Microbial Strain Screening - High throughput de novo whole genome sequencing service for molecular screening of entire microbial strain collections.
sanger sequencing
Sanger Sequencing Services
  • QuickLane Sequencing - North America - High quality sequencing from purified PCR products and both low and high copy plasmid templates with rapid turnaround for individual research samples. Sequencing performed in the Danvers, Massachusetts facility.
  • Single Pass Sequencing - North America - High throughput sequencing of plasmids or PCR amplicons submitted in 96 or 384-well format, including purification and support from a dedicated project manager. Sequencing performed in the Danvers, Massachusetts facility.
  • Express Sequencing - Europe - High quality sequencing of individual research samples submitted in tubes or high-throughput sequencing in 96-well plates with 24 hour turnaround time. Sequencing performed in the Takeley, United Kingdom facility.
  • Primer Walking - Complete primer walking service including primer design and synthesis, quality scoring and sequence assembly. Ideal for unknown sequences from long amplicons or large plasmid inserts.
  • Full Length Insert Sequencing - Shotgun sequencing service for large constructs such as BACs, fosmids and cosmids. Utilizing automated library construction and SPRI template purification for long reads and better assemblies.
  • SNP Verification - Bi-directional DNA sequencing for high quality resolution of homopolymers, insertions, deletions and microsatellites. Data analysis is also available for annotation of SNP results.


Illumina GAIIx HiSeq 2000

Illumina* HiSeq* 2000/2500 – High Output Mode
The Illumina HiSeq 2000/2500 high output mode delivers up to 6 billion reads and 600 Gb of data per run - the highest sequencing output of the next generation technologies. The high output mode is ideal for large studies with a high number of samples and for studies when great depth of coverage is required.

Illumina HiSeq 2500 – Rapid Run Mode
The Illumina HiSeq 2500 rapid run mode leverages reduced cycle times and on-board cluster generation to deliver the highest daily throughput of any sequencing platform with up to 300 million reads or 10 Gb of data produced in a 7 hour run. The short run times allow for efficient processing of a small amount of samples and the long 150 bp read lengths allow for improved assembly for de novo applications.

Roche* 454 GS FLX* Titanium
The Roche 454 GS FLX utilizes massively parallel pyrosequencing of bead bound templates and chemiluminescent base calling to yield long read lengths. Ideal for de novo sequencing, metagenomics and transcriptome sequencing.

ABI* 3730XL
The ABI 3730XL Sanger sequencing platform utilizes capillary electrophoresis to generate sequences with read lengths up to 1200 bp and pass rates over 90%. Ideal for single sample sequencing, primer walking, shotgun sequencing and SNP detection.

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